Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Dancing The Formation of the Alberta Badlands

In 2010 I went on my first trips to Dinosaur Provincial Park. There are so many fossils, in some places you can't help but step on them.

Ericka is a guide there. My theory is that she is also a dancer in southern Alberta. She talked a couple into helping her recreate the formation of the badlands....

Glaciers grew and advanced, scraping off most of the top of Alberta down to just above the cretaceous layer. The layers here were deposited by the Bearpaw Sea and its tributaries.

Glaciers melting as they advance...

As the ice advanced, a massive chunk fell off and was left behind.

When the ice melted, the water mobilized.

But it got trapped in the area of the Red Deer River and started swirling.

Eventually it found a way out and started rushing through the badlands, beginning to carve through the layers.


This dancer took his role very seriously and dramatically took off running through the badlands.


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  1. Wonderful! The guy in the orange has such gorgeous arm placement, plus dedication to his role.